LifestyleUsing garlic to keep your toilet clean: An affordable, effective, and green alternative

Using garlic to keep your toilet clean: An affordable, effective, and green alternative

Garlic will help keep the toilet clean.
Garlic will help keep the toilet clean.
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3:45 PM EST, February 11, 2024

With inflation on the rise, increased numbers of people are seeking ways to save, and one area where they can aim to cut costs is in maintaining order around the home. It can be very beneficial to substitute expensive household cleaning products with readily available everyday items.

As it turns out, despite the potentially unpleasant odor, garlic is an excellent agent for maintaining a clean toilet. It's not only effective but also affordable and environmentally friendly. Hence, it's definitely worth trying out.

Drop a garlic clove into your toilet - the results may surprise you

Garlic contains a component known as allicin, famous for its potent bactericidal and antifungal properties. Furthermore, allicin inhibits the growth of microorganisms, making it highly antiseptic and useful for disinfecting toilets.

The process is simple: drop a single peeled clove of garlic into your toilet bowl and let it do its work. This is best done in the evening when the toilet is less frequently used.

The next morning, flush the toilet and voila - it's disinfected! Repeat this process twice a week. If the toilet is used at night, another clove should be utilized post-flushing.

Use garlic and tea to erase yellow toilet stains

Garlic also excels as a cleaning agent for eliminating those common yellow toilet stains. Boil a cup (250 ml) of water with three peeled cloves of garlic, add a tea bag, and let it steep.

Next, pour this mixture into your toilet, ensuring it coats the inner walls well, and then leave it overnight. Come morning, a simple flush should eradicate any yellow stains. For particularly stubborn stains, repeat the process the following night.

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