LifestyleUsing a dishcloth to dry dishes in the dishwasher. An ingenious hack

Using a dishcloth to dry dishes in the dishwasher. An ingenious hack

A simple trick to dry dishes in the dishwasher
A simple trick to dry dishes in the dishwasher
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2:07 PM EST, November 18, 2023

Despite having a functional dishwasher, sometimes we end up with wet dishes. This can be frustrating and result in streak marks. A simple yet clever trick involving a dishcloth solves the issue. And no, it doesn't involve hand-drying dishes.

Dishwashing is often a daunting, daily chore. Even with the convenience of dishwashers, drying can still pose problems. Luckily, there's a straightforward solution.

What's the trick to dry dishes in the dishwasher?

Occasionally, dishes are still wet even after a full dishwasher cycle. This isn't necessarily a machine fault, but often the drying function doesn't work as effectively as we expect. A simple trick can remedy this issue.

TikTok user, Jasmine, shared a practical way to dry dishes in the dishwasher. All you need is a kitchen towel and 20 minutes. Once the wash cycle completes, place the towel in the dishwasher, close its door, and let it absorb the steam and leftover moisture. After a while, your dishes will be dry.

Dishwasher hacks you should try

We have another dishwasher trick for you that will leave your dishwasher smelling great. All you need is a piece of fruit peel, specifically lemon peel, that you would generally discard.

Place a lemon zest in the cutlery basket. This will eradicate the unpleasant odor that usually comes from leftover food remnants in the dishwasher.

Not only will this trick diffuse a refreshing aroma, but lemon also has disinfecting properties, providing extra cleanliness. While dishwasher scents are available in stores, they can be expensive and their components may be unclear.

By using lemon zest, we can prolong its usability and benefit from a simple, natural remedy.

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