LifestyleUse aluminum foil and water to ease your holiday preparations

Use aluminum foil and water to ease your holiday preparations

Throw a few aluminum foil balls into the boiling water.
Throw a few aluminum foil balls into the boiling water.
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3:01 PM EDT, November 4, 2023

Almost every household is equipped with aluminum foil – we use it to cover dishes, line baking tins for no-bake desserts, and even for cleaning. But did you know there's another way to use it that could significantly ease your holiday preparations?

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, we are beginning to plan our Christmas Eve dinner menu and holiday offerings. Think dumplings, croquettes, borscht, and all other traditional Christmas Eve dishes. Equally important in our planning process should be the cutlery and table settings, which often serve as reflections of our host skills. A simple trick with aluminum foil can refresh and make your table setting look its best.

Clear unsightly cutlery stains with aluminum foil

Regardless of how frequently or infrequently we use our cutlery, it's inevitable for stains to appear. These blemishes are often instantly noticeable and detract from the aesthetic appeal of our table setting. If you're wondering how to restore your cutlery's former luster, here's an easy solution: all you need is aluminum foil and a pot of boiling water.

Start by boiling water. In the meantime, cut your foil into smaller pieces and shape them into balls. Once the water is boiling, throw these aluminum foil balls into the pot. At the same time, place your stained cutlery in the boiling water. Allow everything to boil together for about five minutes, before switching off heat. Carefully remove the forks, spoons, and knives, arrange them on a kitchen towel, and let them dry. You'll notice a marked difference immediately - your cutlery will look brand new, free from stains and dull spots, returning to its original shine as if freshly bought from the store.

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