NewsUSA concerned over Ukraine strikes on Russian nuclear radars

USA concerned over Ukraine strikes on Russian nuclear radars

Voronezh-DM radars attacked
Voronezh-DM radars attacked
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6:09 PM EDT, May 30, 2024

The USA is "concerned" about Ukraine's strikes on the radars of Russia's nuclear attack early warning system, people familiar with the matter told "The Washington Post." In recent days, Kyiv has attacked, among others, the Voronezh-DM radar, part of the 818th Separate Radio Technical Center in the village of Glubokii near Armavir in the Krasnodar region.

Russian radar stations provide air defense and warn of the launch of nuclear weapons from the West. The USA fears that the attacks might "dangerously disturb Moscow" at a time when the Biden administration is considering whether to lift restrictions on Ukraine regarding the use of delivered weapons.

Struck strategic radars

"These facilities were not involved in supporting Russia's war against Ukraine. However, they are weak points since Russia may feel that its strategic deterrent is targeted," said an American official.

However, a Ukrainian official familiar with the matter said that Russia uses these radars to monitor the actions of the Ukrainian army, particularly Kyiv's use of airborne weapons such as drones and missiles. The official, speaking anonymously, confirmed that Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Directorate, headed by Kyrylo Budanov, was behind the attacks.

Attacks may "blind" Russia

American officials stated that they sympathize with Ukraine's difficult situation; hence, they are considering permitting attacks with Western weapons on targets located on Russian territory. "However, if Ukrainian attacks partially blinded Russia's early warning capability, it could harm strategic stability between Washington and Moscow," said an American official.

"Russia might think that it has a reduced capability for early detection of nuclear activities against it, which could then become an issue," the official added. "It should be clear to everyone that the United States has no intention of using nuclear weapons against Russia. However, there are certain concerns about how Russia might perceive its deterrent capabilities when it targets and attacks early warning systems."

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