NewsUS Strikes targets in Syria under Biden's command

US Strikes targets in Syria under Biden's command

"USA attack in Syria. Biden's decision"
"USA attack in Syria. Biden's decision"
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3:35 AM EDT, October 27, 2023

Strikes were launched by the US on targets in Syria, in response to prior attacks on American bases and military personnel in the region, as reported by the Pentagon.

It was early morning in Syria when the United States Air Force executed attacks on two targets, closely associated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, clarified these actions by emphasizing them as "accurate strikes carried out in self-defense, responding to a series of relentless, though largely ineffective, attacks on US personnel in Iraq and Syria by Iran-backed militias".

Strikes Authorized by President Biden

Austin underscored that these strikes were initiated under President Biden's orders and had no correlation with the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. He further reiterated the United States' unwillingness to escalate the conflict. However, if the attacks persist, they will not shy away from taking further action.

The Pentagon also shed light on the details of the attacks on American bases. In recent days, at least 12 attacks on US bases in Iraq and 4 on bases in Syria have been recorded. These assaults resulted in 21 American soldiers getting injured. The attacks were executed using rockets and drones.

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