NewsUS Responds to Putin's Election Victory Amidst Claims of Unfairness

US Responds to Putin's Election Victory Amidst Claims of Unfairness

The White House reacted to the reelection of Vladimir Putin.
The White House reacted to the reelection of Vladimir Putin.

1:44 PM EDT, March 19, 2024

"The reality is that Putin is the president of the Russian Federation, and the United States will act on this basis," Jake Sullivan stated after the Russian presidential elections ended. The West questions the integrity and credibility of the result.

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National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan was asked by journalists to comment on Vladimir Putin's victory in the Russian presidential elections.

"It cannot be said that this result was surprising. Putin has closed the political space and blocked his political opponents. Some of these opponents tragically died. These elections had nothing to do with freedom or justice, and their outcome was predetermined," the White House representative observed.

"Secondly, the reality is that Putin is the president of Russia, and we will act on this basis regarding the war in Ukraine and in the case of other aggressions that could be undertaken by Russia," Sullivan added.

"We will continue to operate in this reality, but it does not change the fact that these elections were not fair," he emphasized.

Vladimir Putin triumphs in Russia

The presidential elections in Russia, which began on Friday, concluded on Sunday. On Monday morning, the website of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation published the results after counting votes from 100 percent of the protocols.

According to the data provided, Vladimir Putin won the Russian presidential election with 87.28 percent of all votes (as of 11:00 PM Eastern Time).

The West considers the elections to be unfair and undemocratic. Among others, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on the matter. "On March 15-17, the so-called presidential elections took place in Russia; the vote occurred under extreme repression against society, preventing a free, democratic choice. These elections cannot be recognized as legal, free, or fair," the statement emphasized.

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