NewsUS reaffirms support for Ukraine and insists on Russian reparations after conflict ends

US reaffirms support for Ukraine and insists on Russian reparations after conflict ends

Vice President of the USA Kamala Harris
Vice President of the USA Kamala Harris
Images source: © PAP | Anna Szilagyi, KREMLIN POOL, RAMIL SITDIKOV, SPUTNIK

11:30 AM EST, February 17, 2024

During Saturday's Munich Security Conference, which featured the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, Harris, who was attending the annual forum in Munich, stated: "We'll persevere in our efforts to secure a fair and lasting peace. We will insist on Russia paying compensation to Ukraine."

USA pledges support

Vice President Harris stressed that she, along with President Joe Biden, will tirelessly work to arrange the necessary assistance to achieve their objective. "President Biden and I will continually work on amassing the resources and weapons required for success," asserted Harris.

In concluding her speech, Harris directly addressed Ukraine, saying, "We will stand by you as long as it takes." This remark illustrates the unwavering determination and commitment of the United States in backing Ukraine in its standoff with Russia.

Aid is in the hands of the House of Representatives

As reported on Saturday by the Associated Press, the fate of a bill related to aid for Ukraine now hangs on the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Republican Mike Johnson. Johnson is presently under pressure from lawmakers who side with Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, Johnson has made it clear that he does not plan to make a "rash decision" and will not be coerced into doing so.

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