NewsUS planning retaliatory operations against Iranian targets in Iraq and Syria: Escalation fears grow

US planning retaliatory operations against Iranian targets in Iraq and Syria: Escalation fears grow

American soldiers will once again enter combat in the Middle East.
American soldiers will once again enter combat in the Middle East.
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2:32 PM EST, February 2, 2024, updated: 4:27 AM EST, March 7, 2024

The planned attacks on targets in Iraq and Syria are retaliatory measures following the deaths of three American soldiers at a Jordanian military base, as reported by "The Wall Street Journal". The article highlights that neither the United States nor Iran seek a direct military confrontation.

The newspaper's sources indicate that these actions will be "multilayered", including not just military strikes but also measures to prevent further escalation of the conflict.

Iranian authorities deny responsibility for the drone attacks on US base Tower 22 in Jordan, located near the Syrian border. They have strongly stated that any attack on Iranian territory or personnel will be met with retaliation, further escalating an already tense situation in the region. They also emphasize that such actions will not improve the safety of American soldiers.

Previously, US officials confirmed to CBS News that plans for multiple attacks on Iranian targets situated in Iraq and Syria have been approved. The US administration acknowledges the problematic situation in the Middle East, referring not only to the Israel-Hamas conflict but also to Houthi rebel attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea.

US Military: Decisive yet Cautious

The US administration representatives explain that the timing of the attack will largely depend on the weather. Though US military technology can execute attacks in adverse weather conditions, favorable weather is preferable.

Officials stress the need for careful planning to avoid possible mishaps, such as striking civilians who might be in the area. Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defense, emphasizes the objective is not to escalate the conflict but to hold the responsible parties accountable.

We'll continue efforts to avoid a broader conflict in the region, but we'll take necessary actions to defend the United States, our interests, and our citizens, responding when we want, where we choose and how we choose - said the US Secretary of Defense.
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