NewsUS military neutralizes Houthi anti-ship missile threatening Red Sea cargo movement

US military neutralizes Houthi anti-ship missile threatening Red Sea cargo movement

US and UK warships showed news in Yemen.
US and UK warships showed news in Yemen.
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8:44 AM EST, January 27, 2024

The American authorities reported on military operations that were carried out against the Iran-backed rebels in Yemen, using platform X. "The missile posed a direct threat to commercial ships and US Navy warships in the region," announced the US armed forces command on platform X.

The information was corroborated by the Houthi's Al-Masira television. The station reported that two air raids had been conducted by the United States and the United Kingdom. Their target was the Ras Isa port located in the Yemeni province of Al-Hudaydah.

Previously, the US military confirmed that the Houthis had attacked the Marlin Luanda tanker, sailing under the flag of the Marshall Islands, in the Gulf of Aden. Following the attack, a fire erupted on board but was swiftly extinguished by the crew. Fortunately, no injuries were reported on the ship.

The armed interventions of the US and the UK in the Red Sea are the result of attacks on cargo ships, attributed to Houthi rebels, that have hindered global supply chains. Consequently, many international companies have ceased the movement of their units within this maritime area.

The US military destroys a Houthi anti-ship missile in Yemen

Since the attacks began in November, many ships have had to take a route that is hundreds of miles longer. Ships are now navigating around the Cape of Good Hope at the southern end of Africa due to the heightened risks posed.

The Red Sea, which links Asia with Europe and the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal, is crucial for global business. The US and British armed forces have entered these routes in an attempt to neutralize the threats posed.

The Houthi rebels are a part of the Zaidis, a Shiite Muslim minority group in Yemen. The Houthis, who are a significant participant in the ongoing civil war in Yemen, support Hamas and advocate for Israel to cease bombings in Gaza while also allowing humanitarian aid.

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