NewsUS Military Aid for Ukraine stocks waiting in NATO countries

US Military Aid for Ukraine stocks waiting in NATO countries

American weapons for Ukraine in Poland? Unofficial information
American weapons for Ukraine in Poland? Unofficial information
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9:26 AM EDT, April 23, 2024

According to an American source engaged in the delivery process, CNN reported that a substantial part of the military aid intended for Ukraine has already been placed in warehouses in Poland and Germany. However, American officials have yet to confirm this information.

CNN indicates that military assistance for Ukraine could receive approval within days. The pressing issue, however, is how swiftly the needed ammunition can be transported to the front lines.

Before the House of Representatives vote last week, Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder stated that the Department of Defense is ready to respond quickly to directives. "We have a very robust logistics network that enables us to move material very quickly; as we've done in the past, we can move within days," he remarked.

Mark Warner, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CBS News that he hoped the equipment would be "in transit by the end of the week"

American weapons for Ukraine in Poland?

CNN cites an American source familiar with Ukraine's military aid deliveries, claiming significant portions have already been strategically placed in warehouses in Germany and Poland. This arrangement, American television points out, could significantly reduce transportation time.
The report highlights the substantial logistical challenge Ukrainian authorities face in receiving military arms and equipment. It stressed that Russia's current 10 to 1 military advantage over Ukraine would not be easily overcome.
Artillery shells are expected to be among the first supplies delivered to Ukrainian soldiers combatting Russian forces, which have been invading for over two years.

USA aid for Ukraine: The House of Representatives decides

A nearly $61 billion aid package for Ukraine garnered overwhelming bipartisan support in the House of Representatives, passing a 311-112 vote. All Democrats and 101 out of 213 Republicans favored the bill.

An $8 billion aid package for Taiwan and measures to bolster the Indo-Pacific's defenses were also approved. Proposals to eliminate financial aid for Ukraine, among other amendments, were unsuccessful.

The bill now advances to the Senate, which is expected to pass next week. A Democratic Congress representative informed PAP that the adoption of Tuesday's bill is anticipated. However, the exact timing will depend on procedural negotiations between the Senate's parties.

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