NewsUS Forces on the move: High-tech defense systems sent to tackle Iran-backed threats

US Forces on the move: High-tech defense systems sent to tackle Iran-backed threats

Israeli-Palestinian war. USA reacts.
Israeli-Palestinian war. USA reacts.
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9:53 AM EDT, October 27, 2023

In reaction to escalating tensions, approximately 900 U.S. military personnel are in the process or have begun relocating from U.S. bases to various countries located in the Middle East.

Gen. Pat Ryder, the Pentagon’s spokesman, announced on Thursday that around 900 U.S. troops are currently being, or have already been relocated from U.S. military bases to different Middle Eastern countries.

This move is a key part of the strategy to bolster U.S. armed forces in this region due to increasing tensions and attacks on American forces by Iran-supported militants.

In Thursday's press briefing, Gen. Ryder noted that the relocated personnel include air defense systems specialists, inclusive of Patriot and THAAD battery operators. These high-tech defense systems will be positioned across several Middle Eastern nations such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, and Qatar.

Pentagon reports an attack

Gen. Ryder also revealed on Thursday that another assault, launched by Iran-supported militants on U.S. forces in Iraq, has taken place. As per the Pentagon, this recent attack failed. Nevertheless, a total of 16 attacks on American forces in Iraq and Syria have resulted in 30 injured personnel.

The majority of the injured have already resumed their service, their injuries primarily being concussions. Unfortunately, a civilian associate of the Pentagon suffered a fatal heart attack during an alert at the Al Asad base in Iraq.

Gen. Ryder refrained from elucidating the precise way the U.S. plans to respond to these attacks. He underscored, however, that any retaliation from the U.S. will take place "at a time of our choosing".

Biden warns Iran

President Joe Biden stated on Wednesday that he has given a warning to Iran's supreme political and spiritual leader, Ali Khamenei, that any further attacks will prompt a reaction from America. He added that "the Ayatollah should be prepared for this."

The National Security Council spokesman revealed on Thursday that the U.S. brought this admonition to the Iranians' attention "directly", without providing specific details of this communication.

Additionally, Gen. Ryder confirmed that Marine Corps General James Glynn has been dispatched to Israel. However, he clarified that Gen. Glynn is not tasked with directing Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip but providing expert advice to the Israeli army in urban warfare. With his experience from the mission to free Mosul in Iraq from the Islamic State's control, Gen. Glynn will guide the Israelis on minimizing civilian casualties.

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