NewsUS Abrams tanks debut in Ukraine, shaking Russian forces

US Abrams tanks debut in Ukraine, shaking Russian forces

Ukraine received a batch of older M1A1 Abrams tanks from the USA.
Ukraine received a batch of older M1A1 Abrams tanks from the USA.
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7:16 AM EST, November 27, 2023

The M1A1 Abrams tanks are already in action on the Ukrainian frontline. Prompt decisions made at the Pentagon in September facilitated a successful eastward delivery of these formidable machines. They've now debuted in battle, stirring anxiety among Vladimir Putin's army ranks. These units outperform their Russian counterparts in nearly every regard.

For months, the Ukrainian tank crews and the Armed Forces of Ukraine have eagerly awaited this moment. Their anticipation has finally borne fruit as these M1A1 Abrams tanks have been incorporated into the fight. Currently, they're only deployed in a select few locations, well beyond the range of Russian artillery and fatal Lancet drones. The Abrams are projected to turn the tide of the war and help reclaim Ukrainian land.

The first two photographs of US tanks on the Ukrainian frontline have surfaced online. These tanks, originally delivered in the desert hue used in Iraq and Afghanistan, have been repainted with field camouflage to blend in with the Ukrainian landscape. This resemblance to the common "woodland" pattern seen on US Army uniforms aids their operation on the battlefield, providing a strategic advantage for Kyiv.

The Abrams tanks significantly outpace Russian machinery in almost every measure, and make no exception here.

The Ukrainians received their inaugural batch of M1A1 Abrams tanks from the US at the end of September. A prompt intervention by Pentagon officials ensured the machinery's preparation for the potentially decisive weeks of the counter-offensive and for times when the Armed Forces of Ukraine may have to counter Russian incursions.

In total, the United States has donated 31 units of the M1A1 variant to its allies, these machines, albeit older, have been refurbished and fitted by engineers for modern combat. Positioned against Russian tanks, the Abrams will assuredly hold their ground. This applies to all Western equipment, including German-manufactured Leopard tanks and British-made Challenger 2 tanks.

We've now seen the Abrams tanks in action, courtesy of two newly published photographs.

Undeniably, the Russians are daunted by these machines, given the stark reality that their standard tanks are dwarfed by US designs. Russia records a loss of 5,500 tanks on the frontline.

Moscow additionally asserts that the Abrams tanks will struggle with Eastern Europe's climate, alleging they are unsuited to Ukraine's weather. Western experts, however, refute these claims. The Abrams are excellent machines, even though the units handed to Kyiv are older models no longer required by the US.

Still, they maintain supremacy over Russian equipment and can tip the scales on the battlefield.

The USA has already equipped the Armed Forces of Ukraine with armored Stryker vehicles, M2A1 Bradley's, HMMV vehicles, and M777 howitzers. Kyiv is also awaiting the arrival of F-16 aircraft and continues to receive various forms of equipment from the West that can assist in war efforts. Only through technological superiority and superior tactics can Ukraine triumph over Russia.

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