NewsUral River crisis: Dam burst forces evacuation of over 7,700

Ural River crisis: Dam burst forces evacuation of over 7,700

Flood in Russia. New numbers revealed
Flood in Russia. New numbers revealed
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7:58 PM EDT, April 10, 2024

The state of the Ural River has surpassed the critical threshold following the disruption and breach of a dam construction project. Due to flooding, over 7,700 individuals have been evacuated in the Orenburg region. Nevertheless, there are locations where the situation has slightly improved.

Dramatic developments were reported by Friday in the Russian city of Orsk. A dam on the Ural River—the continent's third-largest—burst, leading to widespread flooding of homes. Local authorities have indicated that Orsk has moved past the flood wave's peak, yet downstream in Orenburg, which has a population of 550,000, water levels have continued to rise.

As of April 10, the flood in the Orenburg region had displaced 7,703 residents. A total of 12,800 residential buildings and 14,900 household plots across 79 towns had been submerged.

In 36 temporary shelters, 1,513 individuals, including 262 children, have found refuge. The remainder has sought accommodation with family members. Additionally, 570 livestock animals have been relocated from the flood zones to safer areas, according to information shared by the press service of the governor and government of the Orenburg region on their Telegram channel.

The most severe flooding persists in Orsk, with nearly 6,800 residential units impacted. In Orenburg, the Ural River's water level hit 322 feet, significantly exceeding the critical mark of 305 feet.

Water levels receding in 14 towns

At present, 11 districts in the region's capital and ten nearby settlements remain affected by flooding. However, the press service has noted a decrease in water levels across 14 towns within the last 24 hours, with 38 residential buildings successfully drained.

According to the regional authorities, the flood has resulted in damages amounting to 21 billion rubles, as reported by the Kremlin's news agency RIA Novosti.

The possibility of declaring an emergency evacuation is not being discounted by the authorities, as reported by various sources, including Belsat.

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