FoodUpgrade your fish dish: A fail-proof and exciting recipe with a surprising twist

Upgrade your fish dish: A fail-proof and exciting recipe with a surprising twist

Just looking at it can make you immediately hungry.
Just looking at it can make you immediately hungry.
Images source: © Licensor | Pyszności
4:46 PM EST, January 24, 2024

Fish, a precious source of important nutrients, are worth including in your daily meals. I happen to have a fantastic idea for presenting fish in an extraordinary way. It's sure to tantalize your taste buds!

Shortly, you will learn how to cook white fish in breadcrumbs in an exceptional manner. That's not all the good news I have in store for you. The fish in this recipe, aside from the crunchy breadcrumbs, also looks spectacular, owing to artistic cuts. Simply looking at it could make your mouth water. Understandably, fried fish in hot oil can be paired with various sides. French fries, vibrant salads, groats, rice, or traditional mashed potatoes should fit nicely here.

The fish in crispy breadcrumbs using this method is sure to impress with its taste and appearance. It's hard to resist such a decadent dish!


  • 0.88 lb of white fish fillet,
  • seasonings: salt and pepper,
  • 2 eggs,
  • ½ cup of wheat flour,
  • 1 tablespoon of sweet paprika,
  • 1 tablespoon of dried thyme.


Step 1. Begin by cutting the white fish to form a mini-checkerboard pattern along its length.

Step 2. Next, make a long cut nearly dividing the fish into two, leaving one end intact while fastening the other ends with 2-3 toothpicks.

That's not all there is to it; now season the fish to taste with salt and pepper.

First, I score the fish in a so-called checkerboard pattern.
First, I score the fish in a so-called checkerboard pattern.© Licensor | Pyszności

Step 3. Then, wrap the fish as if you're dealing with faworki (traditional Polish crullers).

I secure the fish using several toothpicks.
I secure the fish using several toothpicks.© Licensor | Pyszności

Step 4. After that, prepare the breadcrumbs. Dip the fish first in beaten eggs, then roll it in a mixture of flour, sweet paprika, and dried thyme.

Step 5. Once the fish is fully breaded, drop it into a frying pan with hot oil. Ensure the oil is adequately hot. Fry the fish for 4 minutes on each side.

The appropriate form is already there.
The appropriate form is already there.© Licensor | Pyszności

Step 6. After removing the fish from the pan, place it on a paper towel to absorb the extra grease. Finally, serve it with your preferred sides. This time, I opted for fries and fresh parsley, which mainly played an aesthetic role, but also adds a unique flavor profile to the entire dish. Bon appétit!

It's time for breading.
It's time for breading.© Licensor | Pyszności
In the end, I fry the fish in heated oil.
In the end, I fry the fish in heated oil.© Licensor | Pyszności
And dinner is ready!
And dinner is ready!© Licensor | Pyszności
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