TechUpgrade your bathroom. 10 must-have accessories for comfort and style

Upgrade your bathroom. 10 must-have accessories for comfort and style

What should be in your bathroom?
What should be in your bathroom?
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9:15 AM EDT, April 12, 2024

The bathroom is one of the most crucial spaces in your home. Despite often investing a lot in its aesthetics, many overlook properly outfitting it with the essentials. Given the substantial time spent there daily, enhancing its utility and comfort with a few key accessories is worthwhile. Here are several must-haves for every bathroom.

Shower organizer

Shower organizer
Shower organizer© Amazon

Imagine the comfort of a warm shower interrupted because your shampoo is out of reach. To prevent such annoyances, consider a shower organizer. It ensures soaps, shampoos, and conditioners are always within reach, enhancing your shower experience. Opting for a set with multiple baskets can efficiently accommodate all your cosmetics and cleaning products.

Glass jars for cotton buds, cosmetic pads, and other small accessories

Glass jar for cotton swabs
Glass jar for cotton swabs© Amazon

A tidy bathroom with everything in its place adds to the room's overall appeal. Glass jars are ideal for organizing cotton buds, cosmetic pads, toothpicks, ear sticks, tampons, bath salts, and even makeup accessories like eyeliner pencils or brushes. Their functionality and distinctive aesthetics integrate seamlessly into your bathroom decor.

Bathroom organizer with drawers

Organizer with drawers
Organizer with drawers© Amazon

The challenge of limited space in smaller bathrooms often complicates storage. A bathroom organizer with drawers offers a practical solution, enabling stacking or side-by-side arrangement to save space. These transparent, spacious drawers allow you to store and easily locate your necessities.

Makeup mirror

Makeup mirror
Makeup mirror© Amazon

A mirror is indispensable in any bathroom, but a standard wall-mounted mirror may fall short for makeup application. The HUONUL makeup mirror, with its compact size and LED lighting, simplifies makeup application under diverse conditions, even outside the bathroom. Featuring movable panels with different magnification levels, it makes applying makeup a breeze.

Plastic shower curtain

Shower curtain
Shower curtain© Amazon

Deciding between a bathtub and a shower can be challenging during a bathroom remodel. A durable, damage-resistant, and water-resistant shower curtain allows you to enjoy both benefits. Opt for a plastic curtain that compliments various bathroom styles with its aesthetic appearance.

Shower curtain hooks

Shower curtain hooks
Shower curtain hooks© Amazon

Installing a shower curtain is straightforward with the right accessories, notably the hooks. They must be moisture-resistant, rust-resistant, and strong enough to support heavy curtains while being aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Stainless steel hooks with a nickel coating meet these requirements excellently.

Bathroom mat

Bath mat
Bath mat© Amazon

Transitioning from a warm bath or shower to cold tiles is unpleasant. A microfiber bathroom mat offers a solution, providing a soft, quick-drying, and moisture-absorbent landing for your feet, ensuring comfort and warmth.

Towel set

Towels© Amazon

Towels are essential in any bathroom, necessitating durability, skin-friendliness, and aesthetic appeal. The American Soft Linen towel set made from Turkish cotton excels in these aspects, promising longevity and comfort.

Bathroom scale

Bathroom scale
Bathroom scale© Amazon

For those focusing on wellness or weight management, a bathroom scale can be a motivating tool. It allows for regular weight tracking and provides instant feedback on progress.

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