LifestyleUnveiling the struggle: TikTok user enumerates 14 drawbacks of having larger breasts

Unveiling the struggle: TikTok user enumerates 14 drawbacks of having larger breasts

Theresa talks about life with a large bust.
Theresa talks about life with a large bust.
Images source: © Instagram | @theresa_vogrin
2:39 PM EST, February 11, 2024

Several women gifted with larger breasts deal with various issues that can impact daily life and self-esteem. TikTok user @theresa_vogrin raised these concerns in a post. She acknowledged her appreciation for her breasts but did not shy away from revealing the worries they cause her.

The Complexities of Larger Breasts

For those with large breasts, tasks as mundane as shopping turn into genuine challenges. Larger breasts can also lead to discomfort and spinal issues. Theresa concedes, having large breasts comes with its share of disadvantages, totalling up to fourteen in her experience:

1) Poor body posture,

2) Appearing overweight,

3) Struggle to find affordable bras in the appropriate size,

4) Difficulty in walking without a bra or in a strapless shirt,

5) Trouble fastening seat belts,

6) The challenge to find cheap bras,

7) Struggle in finding a fitting and affordable bikini,

8) Body acceptance issues,

9) Uncomfortable scrutiny from onlookers,

10) Antagonistic remarks from other women,

11) Issues with activities like jumping and running,

12) Rib discomfort,

13) Difficulty in finding clothes suitable for both the chest and waist,

14) Doubt whether men are interested in her breasts or her personality,

15) Issues with breast sweat.

The video already received views from 70 thousand individuals. Several women expressed agreement with her sentiment. One comment read, "I agree with everything, especially with the problems during running and jumping". Another one stated, "It's true, sometimes it's hard. Large breasts can be a problem." These reactions were mentioned in the comments section.

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