LifestyleUnveiling the secret to shiny and healthy Monstera leaves at home

Unveiling the secret to shiny and healthy Monstera leaves at home

A home method will help protect the leaves of a monstera.
A home method will help protect the leaves of a monstera.
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11:41 AM EST, January 18, 2024

Despite the Monstera being native to places like tropical forests, these plants adapt wonderfully to indoor environments. They add a delightful aesthetic appeal to interiors, with some varieties even growing to considerable sizes, making for an exceptional decor piece.

Caring for a Monstera plant doesn't mean fulfilling a long list of requirements. They aren't fond of overly damp settings, so watering just once a week during spring and summer is enough, and even less frequently - roughly once every two weeks - during autumn and winter. Nevertheless, its leaves do require an extra bit of care.

Enhance your Monstera's sheen with this tip

As tropical plants, Monsteras thrive in humid air. Therefore, if your apartment has dry air, consider placing the pot on a tray filled with water and stones. The evaporating water will effectively moisten the air around the plant. Besides, remember to routinely wipe the leaves clean with a wet cloth, sponge, or cotton pad to remove any dust and other pollutants.

To add an extra shine to your Monstera leaves and to prevent dust from gathering on them, you can wipe the leaves with a cloth lightly soaked in olive oil or another kitchen oil. A mixture of a few drops of oil in water can serve as both a cleaner and a polisher. You can also use a banana peel for this purpose. Not only will this give the leaves a nice polish but it also helps to fend off bothersome pests such as aphids.

How to address yellowing or browning leaves in your Monstera?

While Monsteras appreciate moist air, they don't enjoy overly damp soil. One of the most common care errors is overwatering, resulting in leaves turning yellow. Overwatering can lead to root rot. If this happens, your only recourse could be to grow new plants from cuttings taken from the healthier upper shoots.

Dry air might cause the leaf tips to turn brown. It is vital to ensure the area around this plant remains humid. During the heating season, be careful not to place the Monstera too close to heaters, as the dry heat can be damaging.

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