Tips&TricksUnveiling the secret to gleaming wooden floors. Drop of water test and natural cleaners

Unveiling the secret to gleaming wooden floors. Drop of water test and natural cleaners

how to clean a wooden floor photo. freepik
how to clean a wooden floor photo. freepik

3:37 PM EST, January 11, 2024

Did you know that the most effective detergent for cleaning wooden floors may not be those expensive, chemical-laden products from your local store? In fact, natural products are typically better, safer, and, when combined, create an extraordinarily effective cleaning agent! Plus, they could save you a decent amount of money.

Cleaning wooden floors — making them shine

While seeking to effectively clean a wooden floor, we sometimes get lured by glossy television adverts. Consequently, we end up purchasing potent chemical substances that - indeed - do remove all the dirt but also leave the wood brittle, faded, and dull. Is this the outcome you envisioned? Remember, shiny wooden planks are more eye-catching than dull ones.

Before you clean, it's time for a water drop test

To properly enhance the shine of your wooden floor, it's crucial to discern its type of finish. If you've moved into a home with pre-installed flooring or simply can't recall which finish you chose during your renovation, there's an easy way to determine this.

Luxury living room interior design
Luxury living room interior design

Conduct the test on a part of the floor that sees the most traffic(usually near the room's entrance). Simply drop a bit of water there and observe the reaction. If the water gets absorbed quickly or leaves a visible mark - the floor hasn't been sealed; hence, cleaning with water isn't advisable.

Follow up the first test with a second one, in a less noticeable spot. Rub a section of the floor with fine steel wool. This will help you determine if the wood has been waxed — a grey waxy layer will appear on the wool if that's the case.

With this information, you'll find it much easier to select an appropriate method of floor care.

Why doesn't my wooden floor shine even after so much effort?

  • It may have scratches (from pets or frequent use of high heeled-shoes).
  • You may not be adequately removing the dirt before polishing.
  • You could be using a dirty mop, which spreads dust and dirt across the entire surface.
  • You might be using a cleaning product that isn't compatible with your type of floor finish.
  • You may be using too much detergent or a too potent product for your floor.
  • It might be time for a floor rejuvenation.
How to clean a dark, wooden floor photo. freepik
How to clean a dark, wooden floor photo. freepik

If you're interested in learning more about effective cleaning methods for wooden floors, or using home remedies, you might appreciate this trick! The cleaning method passed down from my mother still stands unmatched! Try it in your home.

The text is already in American English, so there's no need for translation.
The text is already in American English, so there's no need for translation.
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