Tips&TricksUnveiling the secret power of vinegar: A magic potion for your restroom woes

Unveiling the secret power of vinegar: A magic potion for your restroom woes

Now, cleaning the toilet is not a problem.
Now, cleaning the toilet is not a problem.
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4:53 PM EST, December 16, 2023

Maintaining a clean toilet is crucial because it can harbor harmful bacteria. Besides, limescale often forms unsightly white deposits that don't budge even after vigorous scrubbing. The most challenging areas to clean are the nooks and crannies. So, how can we make them shine?

Cleaning the toilet effectively

Many people are at a loss about the best way to clean a toilet. If you typically douse the toilet with cleaning fluid and then scrub with a brush, consider reevaluating your method. This approach only superficially removes dirt, as it doesn't effectively clean all areas of the toilet, leading to the need for frequent re-cleaning.

Forego using chemical cleaners as they may not deliver the expected results. Instead, opt for natural alternatives readily available in your home. These can leave your toilet as clean as never before. A prime example is vinegar- a natural, safe cleanser with disinfecting and potent cleaning properties that come in handy when tackling a grimy toilet.

What should you use to clean the toilet?

Just pouring vinegar into the toilet won't result in a sparkling clean loo. It's essential to understand how to use it effectively. For this task, you'll need a bowl, toilet paper, and rubber gloves. First, pour vinegar into the container. The higher its concentration, the better it works. Next, immerse several sheets of paper in the vinegar. They should be completely soaked before use.

Remove these sheets from the vinegar and then press them into the toilet's crevices. Ensure you fill these spaces with the soaked paper for optimal results. These are typically the dirtiest places, often overlooked during cleaning. They're difficult to reach with a sponge or brush, but this technique can leave your toilet gleaming like new.

Leave the vinegar-soaked paper for a few hours or overnight to allow the vinegar to work effectively. After that, you just need to flush the toilet and give it a quick clean with a brush.

Cleaning the toilet has never been so easy.
Cleaning the toilet has never been so easy.© Freepik
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