LifestyleUnveiling the hidden health risks of synthetic tights: How your style choices could harm you

Unveiling the hidden health risks of synthetic tights: How your style choices could harm you

What tights should I wear?
What tights should I wear?
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8:48 AM EST, January 27, 2024

Should they be thick, thin, patterned, or maybe colorful? We often focus primarily on the hardly surprising appearance of tights. Unfortunately, we don't analyze their composition and as a result, the majority of us most often wear models made of synthetic materials. But how does this impact our health? The answer might shock some.

How synthetic tights can impact our health

Originally, tights were worn exclusively by men during the Middle Ages. It was only because of Queen Elizabeth I that tights firmly took root in women's wardrobes. Historically, they were made of luxurious materials like silk or velvet, which few could afford. Therefore, it's no surprise that they became symbols of refinement, creating a buzz among upper social circles.

Today, you can buy tights for less than $2.5. The affordable variants are often made of synthetic nylon or elastane. Unfortunately, these materials do not allow the skin to breathe, which can cause our legs to sweat excessively. This can subsequently lead to conditions like athlete’s foot.

These kinds of products can also adversely affect our intimate areas. Similar to our feet, wearing non-breathable fabrics for extended periods can lead to various infections, chafing, and even discomfort during intercourse.

Which tights should you choose?

We can't deny that the look of tights is extremely important; they often define our style. However, it's essential to know what materials they should be made from if we want to avoid potential health issues in the future.

The best options are those made from natural cotton, viscose, and wool fabrics. If budget permits, it's also recommended to consider silk-made products. Each of these materials is breathable and gentle to the skin, a crucial factor when we spend most of our days in tights.

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