Tips&TricksUntrained dog proves hero, sniffs out missing cat from 100-foot mine after six-day search

Untrained dog proves hero, sniffs out missing cat from 100‑foot mine after six‑day search

The dog sniffed out the missing cat.
The dog sniffed out the missing cat.
Images source: © Unsplash | Laura Roberts

5:47 PM EST, January 10, 2024

Dogs perceive the world in a completely different way compared to humans. They are indifferent to colors, shapes, and the surrounding environment because their world revolves around smells. It is widely recognized that a dog's sense of smell is considerably more advanced than a human's— 60 times more!

This exceptional skill is leveraged in rescue services. A trained dog can trace the scent of a missing person. Less commonly known, some dogs are specifically trained for detecting human diseases. As evidenced by the story of Daisy, a female dog who detected a missing cat, training is not always essential.

Dog finds missing cat: "I was losing hope"

An unbelievable event took place in Cornwall. Michele Rose, the proud adopter of Daisy and two cats, Mowgli and Baloo, last December, revealed that ever since the cats came to her home, Daisy has been incredibly protective of them, as though she were their mother.

However, Mowgli, one of the cats, mysteriously disappeared one day. Rose embarked on a search that lasted six grueling days. "I was beginning to lose hope," she confessed to the BBC. On the sixth day, she took Daisy for a walk. Unexpectedly, Daisy became agitated and started pulling her towards an old mine.

Perplexed by Daisy's sudden change in behavior, Rose tried to calm her down, but Daisy kept pulling towards one location. That's when the realization hit her: her missing cat might be there.

"If it weren't for Daisy, Mowgli could have died"

Rose immediately called the fire department. One of the rescuers, Stephen Findlow, spotted a cat deep down in a nearly 100-foot hole. It was Mowgli, who had mysteriously disappeared six days prior. Thankfully, he was found unharmed.

"If it weren't for Daisy, Mowgli could have died there. It's amazing how she persistently led me to that spot," a moved Rose admits.

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