Tips&TricksUnsuspecting granddaughter reveals chilling secret room in grandmother's basement on TikTok

Unsuspecting granddaughter reveals chilling secret room in grandmother's basement on TikTok

An old candle and a mysterious hatch are just some of the many discoveries.
An old candle and a mysterious hatch are just some of the many discoveries.
Images source: © TikTok | itsmecarlys

6:40 PM EST, January 9, 2024

Old houses have stories to tell. Without a doubt, properties that receive a new lease on life carry a particular magic with them. TikTok user Carly's grandmother purchased such a house. Because of health issues, the elderly woman couldn't navigate stairs, meaning she had never ventured into the basement of her new home. When Carly visited her grandmother, curiosity spurred her to investigate the unexplored rooms. Little did she know that descending into the basement would result in a discovery straight out of a horror film.

The house's secret

Carly posted a video on her TikTok account, @itsmecarlys, showing what she discovered in the basement of her grandmother's house. At the beginning of the video, she enters the basement and pans around familiar spaces typical for these kinds of areas. Alongside Carly, we see storage cabinets and an unfinished break room. But as soon as it's revealed, one of the rooms conceals a secret.

Behind one of the walls, a secret room was hidden. The posted video illustrates how the mechanism to open the hidden storage area functions. A fake pipe protruding from the neglected ceiling appears to conceal the secret. When pushed, it activated a hidden passage in the wall, camouflaged on the opposite side of the room in a clothing closet! Upon entering the mysterious room, Carly revealed not only shelves but also... a gun safe! However, there's more to the story.

The hidden shelter

The TikToker showed additional rooms and their intriguing contents in her video. In one of them, a natural concrete bunker was concealed where one could crawl in. Several old gas masks, wooden beds, and rusted cans have been preserved inside this mysterious shelter.

Carly further shared that they found numerous vintage food cans inside when they purchased the house. She concluded by unveiling her latest find - a special concrete hatch and a slide leading to the basement from outside the residence, activated by a latch.

The viral video

After posting her exceptional discovery, Carly gained a significant following. Internet users from all around the globe, including Poland, have been captivated by the mysterious secrets unveiled in her video. Her video about the hidden home shelter has garnered an outstanding 353.5k likes, 7309 comments, and over 4 million views!

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