Tips&TricksUnravelling the mystery of mathematical puzzles. A guide to avoiding common pitfalls

Unravelling the mystery of mathematical puzzles. A guide to avoiding common pitfalls

This mathematical puzzle causes quite a bit of trouble.
This mathematical puzzle causes quite a bit of trouble.
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6:34 AM EST, February 5, 2024

The world of numbers, puzzles, and mathematical equations has its principles, which many of us are unfamiliar with, let alone recall from school. Studying what is referred to as the "queen of sciences" felt like a slog for most of us, leaving very few capable of solving such tricky puzzles. Be sure to examine the numbers and consider how to approach them carefully. This method ensures you won't be led astray by mathematical pitfalls.

What makes this math puzzle challenging?

Problems are an essential part of life, and they frequently arise in math, which is unyielding in its rules. Ignorance of these rules often leads to errors, causing unnecessary stress and deterring us from solving puzzles or brain teasers. Consequently, the cycle persists, and we gravitate towards less strenuous forms of cognitive entertainment, which do not stimulate our brains. This approach to mathematical equations will undoubtedly not solve them, leading us to deceive ourselves. So, what can we do differently?

At first glance, there seems to be nothing in our riddle that should worry us, leading us into self-deception. Many individuals rush into their calculations only to be left with the wrong result. Confidence in your mathematical abilities can be beneficial, but before disputing the outcome with other puzzled individuals, be sure of your answer. Mathematical puzzles shouldn't create tension; tranquillity is our greatest ally.

How can the puzzle be solved without being misled?

You're likely wondering how to tackle this task, but it's simpler than you think. Genius intellect isn't required, just a grasp of the fundamental principles that will keep you out of hot water. You firmly learned these principles because even elementary school children know mathematical rules. Can you recall what the rules are? If not, that doesn't mean you've found yourself in a mathematical quagmire with no way out. It's essential to remember that there is only one solution to this puzzle, so you can't freely interpret the equation. Do you know where to start?

Have you heard of the order of operations? It will be handy now as we won't begin our calculations with division. As per these rules, initial efforts should be directed towards the bracket and its addition. This approach will simplify our puzzle to: "140:7-6=?". The following steps are straightforward. Only now should you perform the division and, finally, the subtraction. The exclusive and accurate outcome of this benchmark is 14! If you get a different answer, you need to restart the calculations.

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