NewsUnprepared Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine: A reflection of propaganda and poor training?

Unprepared Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine: A reflection of propaganda and poor training?

Shocking behavior of the Russian. He came for bread, was captured.
Shocking behavior of the Russian. He came for bread, was captured.
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5:22 PM EST, January 25, 2024

A substantial number of Russian soldiers were inadequately prepared for war with Ukraine. This unpreparedness speaks volumes about the system in Russia, where conscripts are routinely dispatched to war zones without proper training or adequate gear. They're hardly ready for the warfare they encounter in Ukraine.

It doesn't help that Russian propaganda further muddles the soldiers' understanding of the conflict, as from the outset of the war, it has described this as a "special military operation" or a fight against Nazis. The misinformation could be a factor in the irrational actions of these soldiers who are not told the reality of what they're heading into.

Is there evidence? The Ukrainian Armed Forces captured a soldier from Vladimir Putin's army —he likely got lost. What is his explanation for his appearance in a Ukrainian position? Bread. The story is absurd but plausible, according to a post found on social media.

Russian prisoners of war can be found in various camps across western Ukraine, including local polling stations. They are kept according to international law, with the Ministry of Justice expecting Russia to adhere to these standards.

The prisoners of war camps are guarded well. Inmates are provided with acceptable living conditions and medical care. Furthermore, they are encouraged to work, undertaking tasks such as woodwork, rather than idling their time away.

Another blow for Russia as yet another refinery catches fire

The Baza news network reports that a drone struck what is referred to as a "vacuum installation"; this incident occurred at midnight. Confirmation from residents in Tuapse, Russia, via social media comments report hearing the drone before the subsequent explosion.

The regional operational command confirmed the information, stating that there were no casualties from the explosion. They revealed that the fire engulfed approximately 2153 square feet. The Ukrainian side has been accused of instigating the attack.

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