NewsUnprepared and Ill-Equipped: The Harsh Reality Facing Russian Soldiers in Ukraine

Unprepared and Ill‑Equipped: The Harsh Reality Facing Russian Soldiers in Ukraine

Wooden armor of the Russians. Shocking scenes on the front
Wooden armor of the Russians. Shocking scenes on the front
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7:27 AM EDT, March 19, 2024

Russian soldiers devised an unusual strategy by adding "wooden armor" made from ammunition boxes to one of their tanks. Despite this creative attempt, as shown in a subsequent photo, it failed to protect the tank from destruction by the Ukrainian army.

Many Russian soldiers lack preparation for the conflict with Ukraine, a consequence of the broader system in Russia, where conscripts are often sent to the front lines without adequate training or equipment. This lack of preparation ill-equips them for the realities of combat in Ukraine.

Contributing to this issue is Russian propaganda, which has consistently described the conflict as a "special military operation" and framed it as a fight against Nazism. This narrative might explain some of the irrational actions observed among Russian soldiers, who are not fully informed about what truly awaits them in Ukraine.

Another startling statement from Vladimir Putin emerged following a victory, but details were not withheld.

Thus, it's not surprising to encounter unorthodox tactics from Russian soldiers documented on the internet, though they often prove ineffective.

"What haven't the orcs strapped to that T-72B3... There’s even a mine plow, a grill, and additional 'wooden armor' made of ammunition boxes..." - according to social media posts.

Questions also arise about whether Americans are selling satellite images of Ukraine to Russia, following a "suspicious pattern" observed.

It's important to highlight that Russian losses might be understated, as not all damage is recorded or photographed.

The backbone of Vladimir Putin's armored forces

The T-72B3 tanks, which have been in production since 2011, are the workhorses of the Russian military. These vehicles are outfitted with the Sosna-U modern fire control system, featuring French-made thermal imaging cameras Catherine-FC.

According to "The Military Balance 2021" report, Russia had 1,150 units in 2021, with numbers possibly increasing in 2022. However, visual confirmations tracked by the Oryx group indicate that 342 units have been lost.

Farmers have launched protests amid these discussions, with Beger urging to "Block with your own body" as a form of resistance.