NewsUnprecedented Ukrainian action on the front. Direct hit at full speed

Unprecedented Ukrainian action on the front. Direct hit at full speed

The Russians fled in panic, they stood no chance in a confrontation with the drone.
The Russians fled in panic, they stood no chance in a confrontation with the drone.
Images source: © Telegram | Escadrone

2:09 PM EST, November 13, 2023

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have increasingly become a thorn in Russia's side near Kherson. Displaying exceptional combat prowess, particularly with combat drone operations, they have hit a speeding motorcycle, eliminating two fleeing foes. This operation showcases the immense skills the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have developed over the two-year conflict.

This masterful operation by Ukrainian drone operators unfolded somewhere in the Kherson region. Two Russian soldiers, who were carrying an anti-aircraft missile system (MANPADS) and attempting to retreat to safety, did not survive their encounter with the combat drone.

The drone operator spotted the fleeing Russians and directed his drone towards them. With great speed and precision, the drone caught up with the two enemy soldiers, marking an end to their war participation. This operation illustrates the deadly power a kamikaze drone can hold when operated by the Ukrainians.

Recently, fighting has escalated near Kherson. Ukrainian soldiers have managed to cross to the left bank of the Dnieper and are relentlessly constructing a bridgehead near the Krynki and Oleshki villages. This location, approximately 18.6 miles from the liberated Kherson, is being fortified by the AFU with heavy equipment, pushing the Russians further south.

Despite facing increasing difficulties in retaining control of the area, Russians continued trying to resist the Ukrainian offensive. Should they lose control of the river bank, Kyiv's soldiers would be in an advantageous position to strike southwards and make bold strides toward Crimea — a potential turning point in the war. Thus, intense fighting continues in the vicinity.

Two Russian soldiers met their tragic end while fleeing from a combat drone, standing no chance against the advanced machine. Footage of the attack is circulating online, and it’s undeniably impressive. Even a fast motorcycle could not outpace an armed drone.

The large-scale use of drones and advanced electronic warfare machinery is a defining feature of the war in Ukraine.

The Ukrainians initially surprised the aggressors at the onset of the war. With over 10,000 trained drone operators, they inflicted and continue to inflict massive casualties on their enemies. However, the Russians have since adapted, training their own specialists to utilize drones effectively.

Recent reports from British intelligence indicate that Russia is deploying Lancet drones to carry out attacks on priority targets, significantly improving their artillery strikes. Despite the advancements, Ukraine maintains an edge over the enemy in this technological arms race.

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