NewsUnprecedented security pact: UK pledges $3.2 billion military aid in historic agreement with Ukraine

Unprecedented security pact: UK pledges $3.2 billion military aid in historic agreement with Ukraine

Zelenski and Sunak signed a "historic agreement". It is to be in effect for 10 years.
Zelenski and Sunak signed a "historic agreement". It is to be in effect for 10 years.
Images source: © EPA, PAP | OLEG PETRASYUK

1:02 PM EST, January 13, 2024

"This an unprecedented security document," Zelenskyy highlighted. "Today, we stand arm in arm as friends and allies, sending a message to the world that Ukraine is not isolated," the Ukrainian president stated.

The agreement lends formality to the security assistance Ukraine has received and will continue to receive from the UK, in a report by the Interfax-Ukraine agency. The agreement covers the exchange of intelligence information, cybersecurity issues, and defense industry collaboration. Additionally, it references decisions by the G-7 countries to provide Ukraine with bilateral security guarantees.

"The document, signed on Friday, will remain in effect for ten years and will endure even if Ukraine becomes a member of NATO," noted Zelenskyy. The president also suggested that the accord with London would form a model for similar cooperation with other partners.

Military Aid of £2.5 Billion Included in the Agreement

"Europe's history has been altered. This is not merely a declaration, but a reality that will transpire as a result of UK security guarantees. If such guarantees had been achieved post-1991, there would have been no Russian aggression," Zelenskyy reiterated.

He specified that Ukraine has agreed with the UK on security "across all domains - terrestrial, airborne, maritime, and cyber." Moreover, he added that the agreement also covers border matters, sanctions, and Ukraine's reconstruction.

Sunak's visit to Kiev aims to reaffirm Western support for Ukraine, which has been enduring Russian aggression for almost two years. In a formal statement, the British Prime Minister promised his nation's steadfast support for Ukraine "through its darkest hours and the better times ahead."

Following his meeting with Zelenskyy, Sunak announced a boost in military aid for Kiev to £2.5 billion ($3.2 billion) for the fiscal year 2024/2025. "Today, the UK wants to announce the largest defense aid package for Ukraine since the war, totaling £2.5 billion. This will enhance security, increase anti-tank and missile defenses, create hundreds of thousands of new artillery shells, and facilitate the training of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers," the British Prime Minister declared.

A minimum of £200 million from this sum will be designated for the production and order of a thousand Ukrainian drones, which include reconnaissance, long-range strike, and naval machines. Such level of support in drone supply is unprecedented for Ukraine from any country till date.

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