LifestyleUnprecedented rat invasion alarms Australian coastal town of Karumba

Unprecedented rat invasion alarms Australian coastal town of Karumba

Rats attacked an Australian town (illustrative photo)
Rats attacked an Australian town (illustrative photo)
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5:56 PM EST, November 24, 2023

Karumba, a coastal town in Australia, is becoming progressively alarming. The beaches are swarmed with thousands of dead and live rats, potentially harming local tourism.

Located in Queensland, one of Australia's six states, Karumba is a small town nestled in the northeastern part of the country. With the Arafura Sea lapping its coast, this serene location, home to about 500 residents, often attracts tourists.

Soaring Rat Population in Australia

Locals are now talking about a significant invasion as the rat population has surged to unprecedented levels, the likes of which haven't been seen since 2011. The explosive growth in the native population has driven these rodents to migrate towards the coast in search of more food. The journey often proves fatal for many rats, resulting in thousands of carcasses littering the streets, private backyards, promenades, and beaches.

Town authorities in Karumba and surrounding areas believe the situation will impact tourism in the coastal region negatively due to the unpleasant stench emanating from the decaying rodents. Additionally, water reservoirs and cultivated fields are becoming contaminated.

Terrified Residents

The visual impact of heaps of dead rats across the town is disturbing, but the havoc wreaked by the living rats on properties distresses the residents even more. "Literally overnight, the rodents destroyed my car, chewing through all the engine wires," reported one resident in an interview with the BBC, adding that the rats had scared off his entire flock of ducks.

Residents also complain about rats ruining their crops, invading their homes, and disturbing their sleep. Unfortunately, with Australia's humid weather serving as an ideal breeding ground for rats, the population is proliferating. As the rainy season approaches, experts warn that the worst is yet to come.

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