NewsUnprecedented EU foreign ministers' meeting in Ukraine stirs up Europe, Poland's absence noted

Unprecedented EU foreign ministers' meeting in Ukraine stirs up Europe, Poland's absence noted

Historical event in Kiev. Brussels confirms
Historical event in Kiev. Brussels confirms
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2:08 PM EST, January 30, 2024, updated: 4:37 AM EST, March 7, 2024

As we previously reported, there was much commotion this Sunday evening about planes from various parts of Europe arriving in Lublin that day. The Flightradar service tracks air traffic and recorded the arrivals of planes from Italy, Germany, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Greece, and Malta to Lublin.

"First-ever meeting" announced

On Monday before noon, the chief of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, expressed, "I am summoning the EU foreign ministers to Kyiv today for the first-ever meeting of all 27 EU member states. The future of Ukraine lies in the EU," he wrote on Twitter.

In another published message, Borrell wrote: "We are convening a historic meeting of the EU foreign ministers here, in Ukraine, a candidate and future EU member country. We are here to express our solidarity and support for the Ukrainian people.

Borrell on the counteroffensive

The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy also commented on the Ukrainian counteroffensive, labeling it as "difficult" and noting that "mines significantly complicate military operations."

"Our support is not dependent on a single day. It is continuous, organized support as we face an existential threat. It cannot be solved in one day. Ukrainians are fighting bravely and making the best use of their resources. We want them to achieve greater successes, so we need to deliver weapons faster," concluded Borrell.

Borrell has been in Ukraine since September 30. On Saturday, he visited the port in Odessa to witness first-hand the evidence of Putin's attacks on the infrastructure of Ukrainian ports, which he described as "a way to provoke global famine by blocking the export of Ukrainian grain."

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