NewsUnprecedented drone attack in Crimea targets key infrastructure

Unprecedented drone attack in Crimea targets key infrastructure

Are Budanow's threats coming true? "The most powerful attack"
Are Budanow's threats coming true? "The most powerful attack"
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3:44 AM EST, March 3, 2024

"Tonight the most powerful drone attack was carried out on Theodosia," state Kremlin propaganda channels. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, 38 unmanned drones were intercepted. The primary target was reportedly a fuel depot. Meanwhile, the head of Ukrainian intelligence has confirmed attacks on Crimea.

The Russian Federation's Ministry of Defense stated that their air defense systems dismantled 38 drones launched by Ukraine on Sunday toward Crimea.

Extensive drone strike targets Crimea

These reports surfaced following discussions in Ukrainian and Russian social media of notable detonations at the port of Theodosia. While Reuters relayed these accounts, it mentioned an inability to independently corroborate the reported explosions and the downing of drones.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has not specified any resulting damage. However, local reports indicate that a segment of the M17 highway suffered harm.

Consequently, the road has been shut down, aligning with statements from local officials who noted that "travel around Theodosia is considerably hampered."

Highway M17.
Highway M17.© Licensor

Social media from both Russian and Ukrainian sources was abuzz with news of significant explosions near Theodosia's seaport and oil depot on Sunday. Locals have described hearing intense blasts, with ambulances seen rushing towards the port and oil depot.

Additionally, the bridge linking Crimea to the Russian mainland was temporarily closed.

According to the Crimea Bridge press service, the passage was suspended at 5:39 PM Eastern Time.

"Those on the bridge and in the vicinity are urged to stay calm and heed the directions of transport security personnel," the press service advised.

Normal traffic flow was reinstated at 10 PM Eastern Time.

Reuters has again expressed its inability to independently verify the incident details and has not obtained any information about the drone strike from Ukraine.

Budanow cautions against using the Crimea Bridge

Kyrylo Budanow, the head of Ukrainian intelligence, hinted at "unexpected developments for the occupiers" in Crimea a week ago.

"The conflict between Russia and Ukraine commenced not two but ten years ago with the annexation of Ukrainian Crimea," he reflected. "We pledged the presence of Ukrainian special forces in Crimea by 2023, a promise now fulfilled. The occupiers should anticipate further surprises, and I would advise against utilizing the Crimea Bridge," he revealed in a statement.

Budanow also credited the residents of the occupied territories for their contribution to these achievements.

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