SportsUnpleasant comment about soccer player's partner: Netizens react to the controversy

Unpleasant comment about soccer player's partner: Netizens react to the controversy

Lauren Fryer and Declan Rice during a plane trip
Lauren Fryer and Declan Rice during a plane trip
Images source: © Instagram | Lauren Fryer
3:47 PM EST, December 10, 2023

An offensive comment, despite being removed from the internet, has left a significant after-effect. The commenter had much to say about the private life of England representative and Arsenal soccer player, Declan Rice.

Declan Rice is one of the most renowned soccer players in England. He has proudly been representing his country since 2019 and is one of the key players in Gareth Southgate's squad, hoping for success at the European Championships next year.

The year 2023 marked a turning point in Declan Rice's professional life. After six seasons with West Ham United, Rice made headlines with his transfer to Arsenal. The Gunners paid a staggering 105 million pounds for the midfielder.

Declan Rice's private life remains quite stable. He has been in a relationship with Lauren Fryer since their school days. The couple welcomed a son in 2022. The touching love story of Declan and Lauren, however, encountered a frosty reception from an internet user who publicized his unkind opinions on a public profile.

"Declan Rice is a multimillionaire. He's a physically fit soccer player and stands 6 feet tall. Yet he chose a white, overweight girl. I no longer understand this world," wrote an Internet user who later rescinded his remark.

However, nothing disappears on the internet and the insensitive remark has indeed had a far-reaching impact. Numerous fans made a point to rally behind Lauren Fryer, expressing their disdain towards the offensive comment that revolved around her race and body shape.

While all this unraveled, Declan Rice opted not to publicize his response to the controversy and remained focused on his athletic endeavors instead.

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