NewsUnofficial reports on Putin's health condition. The Kremlin comments

Unofficial reports on Putin's health condition. The Kremlin comments

Unofficial reports on Putin's health condition. The Kremlin comments
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8:46 PM EDT, October 24, 2023

Vladimir Putin is doing well and is not being replaced by doubles - claims a Kremlin spokesperson, quoted by the Russian news agency. - These media reports only make him smile - said Dmitry Peskov.

There was a report circulating online suggesting that Vladimir Putin had a heart attack. This information was published on Telegram, on the popular "General SWR" channel. The people managing this channel publish news, which are supposed to be leaks from the Kremlin.

- Everything is fine with him, it's another fake - stated Dmitrij Pieskov, asked about the dictator's health. Commenting on reports that Putin is being replaced by doubles, he called this information "absurd".

- It falls into the category of absurd information mystifications, over which a whole series of media discusses with enviable persistence. It only provokes a smile - said Pieskow.

Putin's health status. Rumors are appearing in the media

The health status of the Russian dictator is a closely guarded secret. For years, the Kremlin has not presented any official information on this subject.

Rumors about the poor health condition of Vladimir Putin have been circulating for many months. Putin was reportedly diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and pancreatic cancer - according to documents that allegedly leaked from the Kremlin. The Russian leader was supposed to be treated with steroids.

According to "General SVR" findings, Putin was suffering from coughing fits, nausea, and lack of appetite, which led him to lose over 17 lbs.

According to Russian political scientist and historian Valery Solovyov, "The end of Putin is near". He is said to be undergoing cancer therapy, and only Western doctors are reportedly keeping him alive.

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