NewsUnmasking the controversial 'husband's stitch': TikTok doctor debunks childbirth myth

Unmasking the controversial 'husband's stitch': TikTok doctor debunks childbirth myth

Illustrative photo
Illustrative photo
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12:44 PM EST, January 10, 2024

Historically, there was a practice referred to as the "husband's stitch" in childbirth. This involves an additional suture intended to reduce the vaginal opening, purporting to increase pleasure during intercourse. Surprisingly, some men today still ask for this.

A woman, who is popular on TikTok, demonstrated her reaction to such a demand. Her response endeared her to many viewers.

"Great job, mom, you have a slight tear here. We call it a first-degree laceration. It will only require a few stitches to stop the bleeding. You won't feel any pain as the epidural anaesthesia is quite effective. Just hold your baby, and I will finish up soon," she "said" imaginatively to a woman who had just undergone laborious childbirth.

Humorously, she then impersonated the husband, saying, "Hey, don’t forget about the extra stitch for me". She responded to this remark with a quick witted response: "Sure, how tight would you like it?"

The specialist in the video explained why performing such a stitch without medical necessity could potentially have disastrous effects on the patient's health.

"No one should ever alter the size of the vaginal opening when suturing a post-birth wound. This is a matter of medical ethics," she stated.
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