HealthUnmasking silent killers, a five unusual signs pointing to liver issues

Unmasking silent killers, a five unusual signs pointing to liver issues

What does swelling around the ankles indicate?
What does swelling around the ankles indicate?
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A sudden loss of appetite or aversion to food is often one of the earliest signs that could suggest health issues.

Should such a condition persist, it's critical to see a doctor, especially if it is accompanied by additional ailments such as diarrhea.

These symptoms could suggest liver issues, among other diseases; therefore, diagnostic procedures might be necessary.

Yellow discoloration of the tongue and eyes

A primary function of the liver is blood filtration. If this organ malfunctions, it can't properly eliminate toxins from the body.

As a result of toxin accumulation, the skin and eyes of a person with an unhealthy liver turn yellow. Additionally, a yellow coating might appear on the tongue.

Cold and moist skin

Liver problems can manifest not only in skin yellowing but also through other physical changes.

One alarming sign could be cold and moist skin, brown moles, and spots around hair follicles. These symptoms might also be accompanied by a metallic taste in the mouth, especially in the mornings.

Stool color

An unusual stool color may also signify liver disease. Very light or almost white stool can indicate bile duct problems. A deficiency in bile production results in a pale discoloration of the stool, calling for an immediate appointment with a doctor.

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Ankle swelling and limb cramps

Liver tumors can also lead to painful upper and lower limb cramps, which may restrict mobility. Additionally, swelling around the ankles, trembling hands, and white discoloration of nails are concerning.

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