Tips&TricksUnlocking the secrets to long, shiny hair: From common mistakes to essential care tips

Unlocking the secrets to long, shiny hair: From common mistakes to essential care tips

Hair should not be dried with a towel.
Hair should not be dried with a towel.
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5:43 PM EST, December 18, 2023

While many of us fantasize about having long, thick, and shiny hair, only length and smoothness can truly be achieved through care. Hair thickness, on the other hand, is primarily determined by genetics. Even though it's feasible to thicken your hair a bit, say by using scalp rubs or massaging the scalp, it won't result in thicker strands. Several care tricks might be beneficial. We'll guide you on how to look after your hair for visible improvements in its condition over the next few months. The most important thing is to be consistent and avoid common errors.

How can you improve your hair's condition?

If you're looking to enhance your hair's condition, start by defining your ultimate goal. Do you want long hair? Or perhaps smooth and shiny hair is your goal? If you're trying to accelerate your hair growth rate, start with... blood tests. Hair is highly responsive to bodily changes. A lack of certain essential elements can lead to a noticeable degradation in hair quality or even excessive hair loss.

If this is something you're dealing with, consider buying a scalp rub that boosts hair growth. Look for ingredients like caffeine, capsaicin, neem, and peppermint oil in the composition. A scalp rub, combined with a 5-minute scalp massage, can greatly speed up hair growth.

If you yearn for soft, smooth hair, ensure humectant, protein, and emollient conditioners are part of your hair care regimen. Alternate these products, and you'll notice a visible difference within a month. But, conditioners aren't everything. Regularly oiling your hair will make it soft and incredibly smooth. For extremely damaged hair, apply oil to your strands before each wash.

Common mistake we all make that damages our hair

The right hair products are crucial, but avoiding common mistakes that worsen the condition of your hair is equally important. After washing your hair, do you rub it vigorously with a towel? That's a common error most of us make. Aggressively rubbing your hair can lead to uprooting, and excessive opening of the cuticles, leaving them more frizzy.

Using a towel on your hair isn't the best idea. Instead, you should use a soft turban, available at any drugstore, or even... a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair. The cotton fabric is softer, which is why it doesn't damage the hair like a rough terry towel. What's more, instead of rubbing, gently drain your hair by squeezing the shirt onto individual strands. The cotton will absorb all the moisture without damaging their delicate structure.

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