LifestyleUnlocking the secrets of collagen: The unsung hero of hair health and growth

Unlocking the secrets of collagen: The unsung hero of hair health and growth

Unlocking the secrets of collagen: The unsung hero of hair health and growth
Images source: © Unsplash | Jessie Dee Dabrowski
5:54 PM EST, December 27, 2023

Collagen, chiefly known for its skincare benefits, plays a considerable role in maintaining healthy hair. Collagen makes strands soft, smooth, flexible, and strong primarily due to its moisturizing and film-forming attributes.

Collagen's robust film-forming capabilities allow it to create a thin protective layer on the hair's surface. This layer helps retain moisture within the strands and safeguards them from environmental damage and mechanical injuries.

Hair that is moisturized and protected with film becomes robust, damage-resistant, and less susceptible to breakage and crumbling. Moreover, moisturized hair scales close, resulting in smoother and firmer hair.

Furthermore, collagen also nourishes and rejuvenates hair from root to tip. It supplies the hair strands with essential amino acids, preventing hair fall and promoting proper hair growth.

Consequently, the myriad benefits of collagen inspire hair care product manufacturers to incorporate this protein into their offerings. Their collagen-infused products enhance hair flexibility, elasticity, and moisture retention, reduce tangling and breaking, prevent hair fall, and limit static build-up.

Benefits of collagen for hair:

·      Makes hair soft

·      Moisturizes hair

·      Provides elasticity

·      Smoothens hair

·      Protects from mechanical damage

·      Increases strength

·      Improves responsiveness to styling

·      Facilitates easy combing

·      Reduces static

·      Diminishes tangling

Collagen-infused hair cosmetics

Hair products such as masks, conditioners, and shampoos often feature collagen. If you value hydration, try products with cashmere proteins and collagen. These proteins function similarly to collagen, retaining hair moisture, enhancing manageability, reducing static, and adding elasticity, shine, and softness to the hair.

Those struggling with high porosity and static-prone, straw-like hair should consider products infused with collagen and keratin. Keratin seals the hair cuticle, providing sheen and smoothness.

Products with collagen and citrus stem cells offer a solution for individuals grappling with substantial hair fall and weakened hair. These ingredients rejuvenate the hair and scalp, repairing and regenerating damaged hair and skin, protecting against free radicals, stimulating hair follicles, and boosting hair density.

Pure collagen

Collagen is also available in its pure form. It may not smell pleasant as a cosmetic raw material, yet it finds numerous applications. A few drops of pure collagen can amp up a face cream's potency against wrinkles and under-eye bags and improve skin elasticity. Collagen can also be applied to abrasions, burns, bruises, scars, discoloration, and stretch marks. Furthermore, it can be used on hair - after a hair wash, apply it to damp hair, massage it into the scalp, let it rest for around 15-20 minutes, and then dry it off with a hairdryer in a relaxed setting.

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