LifestyleUnlocking the secret to perfect sautéed mushrooms: timing, salt, and careful selection

Unlocking the secret to perfect sautéed mushrooms: timing, salt, and careful selection

How to properly fry mushrooms?
How to properly fry mushrooms?
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8:32 AM EST, February 19, 2024

The key is to truly sauté them, not stew them. Many people do this accidentally and then wonder why their mushrooms don't taste right. Instead of being golden and crispy, they end up watery and unappetizing. With mushrooms, it's quite easy to err. If we want to enjoy the taste of perfectly golden mushrooms, care should be taken when salting.

How to choose the best mushrooms? Look for firm and white

We can never make delicious mushrooms if we choose wrong at purchase. Always opt for quality products. Mushrooms should be firm and white, appealing at first glance. If the packaging is steamy and the mushrooms appear wet, avoid adding them to your basket. Likewise, steer clear of dark mushrooms, unless they belong to a specific genus like portobello mushrooms, which are significantly larger and brown.

Should you peel mushrooms? Opinions are split

This is a subject that polarizes people into two camps, each confident in their standpoint. Typically, whether or not we peel mushrooms is a habit inherited from our family's main cook. Peeling mushrooms is largely a matter of preference - some simply don't enjoy them that way. Since mushrooms are grown in sterile conditions, they don't require peeling if we plan to cook them. However, if we plan to eat them raw, we should definitely remove the skin. Before use, mushrooms should also be cleaned and any residues scraped off.

How to sauté mushrooms? Follow one simple rule

Clean the mushrooms, pat them dry, and slice them. Then, sauté them in butter or olive oil with a bit of added butter, enhancing their flavor and aroma. They need to be cooked slowly, as they contain a significant amount of liquid that needs to evaporate. At this stage, refrain from adding salt! Salt causes the mushrooms to release water into the pan, which leads them to stew instead of fry.

Mushrooms should be seasoned to taste with pepper and herbs, and salt should only be added at the very end of cooking, if at all. This results in not only delicious and crispy mushrooms, but also healthier ones.

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