Tips&TricksUnlocking the secret of youthful skin. Daily 20-minute sauna sessions, says plastic surgeon

Unlocking the secret of youthful skin. Daily 20‑minute sauna sessions, says plastic surgeon

It turns out that a sauna is not just a place to relax.
It turns out that a sauna is not just a place to relax.
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1:23 PM EST, December 12, 2023

Aging is a standard and natural process many individuals resist at all costs. Not everybody ages with dignity, reflected in their skin condition. As we age, our skin loses elasticity and its youthful radiance. Resorting to aesthetic medicine has become commonplace, but is it a necessity?

Maintaining a youthful appearance: how?

Consistent care and a comprehensive approach to skincare can yield remarkable results. It's vital to remember to regularly moisturize and exfoliate your epidermis, and to avoid touching your face with dirty hands. The role of cosmetics is also paramount and should be selected according to your needs and skin type.

However, this often seems insufficient to be satisfactory, which leads us to consider specialized treatments that can cost a small fortune. Interestingly, a much simpler and cost-effective method has been found to deliver astounding results: the sauna.

Can the sauna help reduce wrinkles?

This fascinating tip comes from Dr. Faryan Jalalabadi, a plastic surgeon. According to Dr. Jalalabadi, using a sauna can render remarkable results since it enhances the function of collagen and elastin in our skin cells. This improvement is attributed to the sweat and blood circulation resulting from the heat. Furthermore, using a sauna is a great way to relax, and keeping a youthful appearance could be as simple as a 20-minute sauna session each day.

However, Dr. Jalalabadi advises not to overextend your sauna visits. Spending about 40 minutes in a sauna can impose considerable risks, potentially leading to body weakening. Symptoms may include headaches, dehydration, nausea, and in worst cases, heatstroke. Saunas are also not recommended for those battling with melasma, which they can inadvertently intensify.

What other ways are there to care for your skin besides using a sauna?

In addition to using a sauna, Dr. Jalalabadi suggests limiting the intake of sugary and heavily processed foods. These types of food can negatively affect the skin's structure. According to him, physical fitness, particularly strength training, is crucial in decelerating the aging process.

Vitamins can also immensely benefit your skin health, besides improving your mood, which can significantly impact your skin condition. Furthermore, regular cold showers are recommended to boost blood circulation in the skin.

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