FoodUnlocking the secret of field horsetail: nature's hair miracle and more

Unlocking the secret of field horsetail: nature's hair miracle and more

Why is it worth using field horsetail?
Why is it worth using field horsetail?
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7:08 AM EDT, April 24, 2024

Reminiscent of a miniature fir tree, this ubiquitous plant is often dismissed as a weed. Yet, it harbors the "element of life." Incorporate it into your routine and witness the transformation in the mirror.

Found across Poland, field horsetail is a hardy perennial thriving in meadows, fields, roadsides, and railway embankments. Despite being frequently overlooked due to its commonality and weed-like nature, field horsetail's health and beauty benefits deserve attention.

Field horsetail - for beautiful hair and more

Field horsetail significantly improves hair health. It revitalizes brittle, dull, or weak hair through hydration, smoothing, and strengthening. Rich in silicon, the second most abundant element in nature after oxygen, it is dubbed the "element of life" for a good reason. Silicon is integral to synthesizing collagen and elastin, essential for healthy hair, follicles, and scalp skin. It also enhances hair elasticity and strength. Additionally, field horsetail combats dandruff and helps balance scalp sebum production.

However, the benefits of field horsetail extend beyond hair and scalp health. Drinking it as an infusion can boost metabolism, fortify blood vessels, and accelerate wound healing. Known for its diuretic properties, field horsetail is traditionally used to treat urinary tract conditions and exhibits antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, making it effective against acne and boils.

Field horsetail is a remedy for damaged hair.
Field horsetail is a remedy for damaged hair.© Pixabay

How to harness the power of field horsetail

Field horsetail is a versatile plant used in various cosmetics for hair, skin, and nail care. You can easily prepare home remedies from it, such as rinses and infusions. For a hair rinse, steep half a cup of dried field horsetail in about 10.14 oz (300 ml) of hot (but not boiling) water for 15 minutes, then cool. Apply this rinse consistently after each hair wash for 3-4 weeks for optimal results.

For internal benefits, a tablespoon of dried field horsetail steeped in a cup of hot water for 15 minutes creates an infusion that can be consumed two to three times daily. Yet, it's crucial to pause the regimen every four weeks, as continuous consumption may interfere with vitamin B1 absorption.

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