FoodUnlocking the nutritional powerhouse of amaranth seeds: A breakfast alternative

Unlocking the nutritional powerhouse of amaranth seeds: A breakfast alternative

These small grains have tremendous power.
These small grains have tremendous power.
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7:44 AM EST, February 25, 2024

While creating a shopping list, our focus generally gravitates towards the products we frequently use, which is quite normal. However, every once in a while, it's beneficial to introduce some new items to the list that bring along their own set of valuable benefits.

The topic of our discussion today is no different. In a moment, you'll find out why it's a beneficial decision to include tiny amaranth seeds in your diet. Furthermore, I'll share a tried-and-tested recipe for a tasty breakfast which can occasionally substitute your regular classic oatmeal. So, let's dive in!

Amaranth and Why It's Worth It

At first look, amaranth seeds may appear quite ordinary, but don't be deceived. These seeds are an impressive source of nutritional value, and may even be a handy tool in your battle against unwanted pounds.

These seeds are a powerhouse of healthy fatty acids that potentially support heart function. They are rich in B group vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium. They are also gluten-free which is a plus for those with dietary restrictions. Amaranth seeds are an incredible source of protein and fibre, which not only enhance the digestive process, but also help you feel satiated, assisting in weight management.

A Hearty Amaranth Breakfast

Now that you're aware of the multitude of benefits these tiny seeds offer, it's time to explore how to use them in your diet. They're versatile and can be a great addition to salads and soups. Using amaranth flour, you can prepare homemade bread, various type of baked goods, and even pancake batter. Surely, this product will help you whip up a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Based on small grains, you can create many delicious dishes.
Based on small grains, you can create many delicious dishes.© Adobe Stock | mariashumova

Here's what you'll need:

  • 7 oz of amaranth,
  • 1.9 cups of boiling water,
  • ¼ cup of plain or Greek yogurt,
  • A variety of fruits,
  • Nuts,
  • Honey (optional).

The method is simple:

  1. Begin by rinsing the amaranth seeds thoroughly to remove any residual bitterness.
  2. Next, add the boiling water to the washed seeds and simmer the mixture over low heat for approximately 25 minutes.
  3. Add the yogurt into the pot and mix the contents well.
  4. Before serving, garnish your breakfast with fresh fruit and nuts. If desired, you may also add a small portion of honey. Bon appétit!
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