Tips&TricksUnlocking the Full Flavor of Pringles: The Right Way to Snack

Unlocking the Full Flavor of Pringles: The Right Way to Snack

This is the only way I enjoy Pringles chips.
This is the only way I enjoy Pringles chips.
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11:38 AM EDT, April 4, 2024

Chips might not be the healthiest snack option, but they're a go-to for a quick and satisfying bite. Among these, Pringles stand out, yet not everyone can enjoy their full flavor and potential.

The idea of eating chips incorrectly might seem odd since they're such a straightforward snack. However, Pringles, seen as a more premium snack option, deserves more attention to savor its unique taste. By adjusting how you eat them, you can experience Pringles in a whole new way.

Did you know this about Pringles?

The Pringles brand's origins aren't as straightforward as you might think. Alexander Liepa crafted the initial recipe in 1956, but he struggled to find investors. This delay meant the first batch of what we know today as Pringles didn't hit the market until 1968, under the name "Newfangled Potato Chips Pringle." According to snack lore, the Pringles name was either inspired by Mark Pringle, who pioneered a new method of potato processing in 1937, or by Pringle Drive in Ohio.

Pringles are classified as cookies rather than chips because their potato content is less than 42 percent. The Supreme Court in London confirmed this classification in 2009. Under local regulations, the minimal amount of potatoes relegates them to the dough-based product category. Consequently, Pringles' makers had to cough up around 120 million euros in back taxes for years to avoid a higher VAT rate for chip cookies.

How should you eat Pringles?

A revelation about the proper way to enjoy Pringles, as shared in "The Sun," might surprise many. The chips, or rather, cookies, are seasoned on just one side, and many of us eat them in a way that misses out on the full flavor. Eating Pringles straight from the pack without flipping them means you’re not getting the whole experience, essentially wasting money. When you grab a Pringle, flip it before eating to truly taste the difference.

A trend on TikTok titled "How to eat Pringles like a Duck mouth" offered a playful guide on consuming these snacks. Unfortunately, it led many astray, encouraging a method that still bypassed the correct flavor experience. The focus on shaping your mouth like a duck didn't ensure that the seasoned side would hit your tongue. It’s better to skip this challenge and flip the chip to enjoy Pringles fully.

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