Tips&TricksUnlocking the fountain of youth: Experts reveal surprising skincare secrets

Unlocking the fountain of youth: Experts reveal surprising skincare secrets

A young radiant appearance.
A young radiant appearance.
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8:47 AM EST, January 23, 2024

Most of us yearn for a youthful appearance. Regrettably, with age, skin elasticity significantly decreases, resulting in the formation of wrinkles. It's not widely known, but loss of firmness usually begins around the age of 25. From this age onward, the average level of collagen decreases by 1% every year. Even though we can eliminate some effects of aging by using aesthetic medicine and various treatments, those who prefer not to use such invasive and costly solutions usually resort to expensive creams and cosmetics. Wouldn't it be great if we could maintain a youthful, radiant appearance without having to spend a fortune?

Experts share their rejuvenating secrets

In an interview with, a team of dermatologists revealed how to enhance your skincare routine without spending money on new products. They offered some simple, yet little-known tricks that we can easily incorporate into our daily routine.

Interestingly, experts suggest that one of the most crucial rules for maintaining a youthful appearance is sleeping in the correct position. Continuous sleeping on the stomach or face is extremely detrimental as it can lead to the formation of sleep wrinkles and loss of skin firmness. In their opinion, adopting a sleep position on the back reduces pressure on the face, and thus, minimizes the formation of sleep wrinkles.

Never apply cream on dry skin!

Dermatologists strongly advise against applying moisturizing cream, especially one that contains hyaluronic acid, on dry skin. This is because hyaluronic acid is a humectant that attracts water. When applied to dry skin, it can paradoxically absorb moisture from the skin. Therefore, if we aspire for a radiant, more elastic and firm complexion, it's best to apply the moisturizing cream on damp skin.

Moreover, while moisturizing or washing your face, you can prevent or even reduce swelling. A gentle massage will drain excess fluids by supporting the lymphatic system. Also, don't forget the importance of daily use of creams with UV filter in maintaining beautiful skin.

Tackle neck wrinkles

Being mindful of our body posture during the day is also significant. Constantly looking down at our phones, computers or books can strain the neck and shoulders causing discomfort and pain.

According to experts, this practice can also lead to unwanted wrinkles on the neck. Prevention? A simple solution is to hold your phone at eye level. When using a computer, ensure that it's adjusted to a height that doesn't necessitate bending your neck downwards.

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