Tips&TricksUnlocking danger: how your common key habits may be inviting thieves into your home

Unlocking danger: how your common key habits may be inviting thieves into your home

Keys left in the lock are like an invitation to theft.
Keys left in the lock are like an invitation to theft.
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11:27 AM EST, December 19, 2023

Our habits, though they might make us feel safe, aren't always beneficial. Leaving keys in the lock is akin to sending an invitation to thieves who are just waiting for such an opportunity. This is why authorities have been advising against this popular practice for some time now.

A key left in the lock eases the process of opening the door. It allows potential burglars to reverse the locking mechanism from outside simply. They usually use a simple lock pick to do this. Hence, a key in a locked door doesn't guarantee safety.

How can we prevent burglary?

We need to understand that risks are always present and not everyone has good intentions. To start with, we should stop leaving keys in the lock as this would make it difficult for criminals to break in. Second, we should invest in anti-burglary doors fitted with specialist hinges for additional security.

These steps will deter thieves effectively. We should also implement independent security measures, which are cost-effective yet efficient. For instance, place a glass jar over your door handle before you sleep. If someone tries to press it from the outside, it'll fall and create a noise, alerting you and scaring the intruder away.

A motion-sensor light at the entrance also serves as a good security measure. Thieves are usually taken aback and uncertain when faced with sudden illumination.

What are other ways to prevent burglary?

It's important to remember that criminals often study us and our routines, often using social media to gather information. Therefore, we need to be vigilant about our online privacy, especially during times of absence to prevent theft.

If living on the ground floor, consider installing anti-burglary blinds or bars on windows. In case of being away for extended periods, ask a neighbor or a friend to check on your apartment periodically. A lit light or collected mail can effectively mislead potential burglars.

Leaving keys in the door overnight is a bad idea.
Leaving keys in the door overnight is a bad idea.© Pixabay
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