AutosUnlock your car's hidden features: How a simple button could save fuel and cut emissions

Unlock your car's hidden features: How a simple button could save fuel and cut emissions

Not every driver knows what this button is for.
Not every driver knows what this button is for.
Images source: © Pixabay, TikTok

12:37 PM EST, January 10, 2024

Most newer car models feature a start-stop button. TikTok user, Megans Bubble, discovered how beneficial this feature can be in terms of fuel savings. According to her, using the start-stop function could save up to 7% of fuel.

It automatically turns off your vehicle when it is idle for a long period, for example, when you are waiting at lights or in a drive-thru. This is supposed to increase fuel savings and reduce emissions - Megan explained in her video.

Even if the start-stop function does not result in significant monetary savings, it will certainly help in reducing harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere. Researchers from the Polytechnic in Madrid discovered that a 4x4 drive car equipped with a start-stop system, emits 20% fewer CO2 emissions compared to a vehicle without the system.

Remember, for the car to take advantage of the start-stop system, the gearbox must be in neutral. For cars with an automatic gearbox, the car will take care of this automatically.

More buttons, more functions

This is not the first video on hidden car features that Megans Bubble has shared. She talked about a button for closing the air circulation in one of her earlier videos. This might prove useful when travelling through small towns with a high level of smog. Upon sighting dark smoke rising from chimneys, it would be wise to activate this feature in advance!

The newer the car, the more buttons and functions it has. Many modern models, particularly those with premium features, come with heated seats with adjustable heat controls. Some even offer a back massage option. Furthermore, there is the air conditioning feature that, in newer models, usually offers dual or even triple zones. Consequently, each passenger can set the temperature comfortable for them.

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