Tips&TricksUnlock the unexpected cleaning prowess of dishwasher liquid: From chrome surfaces to carpets

Unlock the unexpected cleaning prowess of dishwasher liquid: From chrome surfaces to carpets

The man is applying detergent to the dishwasher.
The man is applying detergent to the dishwasher.
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10:22 AM EST, January 15, 2024

Until recently, I was unaware that traditional dishwasher rinse aid could bring such shine to so many areas of the house. Since my switch to this versatile agent, people have constantly asked me how my sink remains streak-free and why my bathroom fittings never seem to accumulate scale. They're always surprised to learn it's all down to one product. Allow me to guide you on how to use it to maximize its benefits.

The dishwasher liquid that eliminates all stains

Rinse aid is one of those household goods worth having around. It primarily coats dishes with a protective layer, preventing streaks and adding gloss. It turns out, however, we can repurpose its benefits. Begin by cleaning the sink and surrounding areas. Water stains can accumulate over time, leaving your sink dull and unattended. To rapidly restore shine, pour rinse aid onto a microfiber cloth and rub your sink in circular motions. Not only will your sink become shinier, but it will also be more water-resistant, which aids in draining and leaves no stains. Apply the same method to faucets and fittings which can also begin to look tarnished, creating a dirty and neglected impression.

Other areas in your kitchen deserving of the dishwasher liquid treatment include the refrigerator and all chrome surfaces. Similar to previous instructions, pour a bit of rinse aid onto a cloth and thoroughly polish the surface. Say goodbye to streaks and welcome your appliances to look brand new again. The rinse aid helps minimize the scratches' visibility, giving tools and pots a rejuvenated look. Many have also found it beneficial for maintaining their induction hobs, which tend to look dull over time.

Dishwasher liquid as a multifunctional detergent

In your bathroom, there are several surfaces where this liquid cleanser can work magic. Take the shower screen for instance, which can drive many of us to the brink of frustration. Just one shower and walls become covered with water streaks, and despite our best attempts, they often remain rather unsightly. By applying rinse aid to the enclosure, water can quickly trickle down without leaving any smears or streaks. There's no need to use an excessive amount; simply apply a small dose, for instance, by spraying the product.

The final challenge for the dishwasher liquid is carpet stains. It may sound incredible, but the rinse aid possesses a degreasing and stain-removing effect. It can even manage old stains; pour a small portion of the liquid onto a cloth, rub it into the carpet, and watch the stain vanish within minutes! As evident, dishwasher liquid is a versatile detergent worth keeping at home.

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