HealthUnlock the secrets of Chinese lemon: The little-known fruit with big health benefits

Unlock the secrets of Chinese lemon: The little-known fruit with big health benefits

Chinese Lemon Tree
Chinese Lemon Tree
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11:02 AM EST, January 17, 2024

The Chinese lemon, a medicinal plant native to China and Korea, is known as the fruit of five tastes. It's sweet-skinned, with sour pulp, bitter seeds, and a salty extract from the seeds. Historically, each taste was believed to heal a different organ: the liver, lungs, stomach, heart, and male genitalia. The health properties of this fascinating plant are numerous and diverse, and we will examine a few of them here.

The Chinese lemon, a secret to eternal youth

The fruit of the Chinese lemon is often referred to as the berries of eternal youth. Traditional Chinese medicine used it as a remedy for weakness, with regular consumption believed to provide energy, vitality, and long life. Similar to ginseng, the Chinese lemon alleviates fatigue and improves mental and physical conditions. This is due to the lignans present in the fruit, which stimulate the central nervous system and enhance physical and mental performance.

The Chinese lemon as an aphrodisiac

A decoction of Chinese lemon leaves has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times in China. It boosts libido and enhances sexual performance. The fruit extract aids male erection and increases sexual desire in both men and women. It's commonly found in libido supplements. Additionally, the Chinese lemon alleviates frequent urination issues and treats inflammation of intimate organs.

The benefits of the Chinese lemon

The fruit, leaves, seeds, and bark of the Chinese lemon are packed with beneficial ingredients, including vitamins C and E, organic acids like citric and malic acid, and polyphenols - flavonoids and lignans (among the most powerful antioxidants). Other benefits include tannins, saponins, easily absorbable trace elements, an essential citrus-scented oil, and schisandrin - a substance with a toning and strengthening effect.

Chinese lemons are classified as adaptogens, substances that help the body manage stress and offset its negative effects. Adaptogens can adjust to various situations and support the body's equilibrium.

How to consume the Chinese lemon

Fresh Chinese lemon fruits can be eaten raw, used to make jam, tincture, or syrup. Dried or powdered Chinese lemon fruits are available in pharmacies and health food stores. Dried fruits can be steeped in hot water, left to brew under a cover for 15 minutes, and consumed with the resulting infusion. Ground fruits should be taken in the amount of 1 heaping teaspoon 1-2 times a day. They can be added to meals or brewed with hot water for consumption when cooled. The Chinese lemon is also available as a dietary supplement in tablet or capsule form.

Chinese lemon fruit
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