FoodUnlock the secret to restaurant-quality mashed potatoes at home

Unlock the secret to restaurant-quality mashed potatoes at home

Mashed potatoes have never been tastier.
Mashed potatoes have never been tastier.
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2:16 PM EDT, May 9, 2024

Everyone loves mashed potatoes. But have you ever wondered how to prepare them so they taste as good as those in restaurants? It's pretty simple, yet milk alone won't suffice. The real secret lies elsewhere.

Potatoes remain the most favoured starch side dish for cutlets in our region. We adore them and believe serving them with a fried egg and dill transforms them into a meal we can enjoy endlessly. Naturally, our preferred way to enjoy potatoes is mashed. Its smooth, creamy texture perfectly matches any meat, sauce, or salad.

While making mashed potatoes seems straightforward, knowing the ingredients to achieve the creamiest texture is crucial. Many opt for just butter or milk in their potatoes. While we don't argue their efficacy, we propose a slightly different approach...

Enhancements for Mashed Potatoes

Blending cooked potatoes with milk and butter gives mashed potatoes a delightful, velvety texture. However, other options exist for those hesitant to add these to their wholesome potatoes. Consider buttermilk or natural yogurt, especially their low-fat variants, to achieve a smooth yet not overly fatty consistency.

Prepare the purée from potatoes boiled in salted water.
Prepare the purée from potatoes boiled in salted water.© Canva | Wounds_and_Cracks

Another ingenious method for enhancing mashed potatoes involves using... water. However, not just any water will do. We're talking about the water left from boiling the potatoes. A small amount can significantly improve the creaminess of the dish.

Spices for Mashed Potatoes

Spices play a critical role in mashed potato preparation. The most common spices include pepper, salt, nutmeg, and occasionally garlic. Finally, infusing mashed potatoes with fresh herbs like chopped dill or parsley can significantly elevate their flavor, making them exceptionally appetizing!

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