LifestyleUnlock the secret to radiant looks after 50: how eyes, neck, and hands hold the key to early aging prevention

Unlock the secret to radiant looks after 50: how eyes, neck, and hands hold the key to early aging prevention

Three areas of the body that age the fastest
Three areas of the body that age the fastest
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6:15 AM EST, January 28, 2024

We can exercise, conceal, and improve most parts of our bodies. However, three areas require particular diligence and timeliness in their care as they are subject to aging processes much faster than others. Additionally, these body parts often fall outside the scope of solutions provided by aesthetic medicine. So, what influences the faster skin aging around the eyes, neck, and hands? And how can we prevent it?

Skin around the eyes starts aging after the 25th year of life

The area around the eyes is characterized by thin skin, which starts aging processes just after twenty-five years of age. A myriad of factors can contribute to a rapidly deteriorating appearance including genetic issues, insufficient sleep, stress, poor nutrition, frequent rubbing of the skin, inappropriate use of cosmetics or excessive screen time. Tell-tale signs such as dark circles and crow's feet begin to appear under the eyes, while above them, sagging eyelids start to take shape.

To maintain firm, smooth and radiant skin around the eyes for as long as possible, it's advisable to add nourishing eye creams to your daily skincare routine applied twice a day. Furthermore, when removing makeup from around the eyes, opt for gentler cosmetics, preferably those enriched with d-panthenol.

Neck skin becomes saggy due to improper positioning

We typically expose our neck skin to a loss of elasticity unknowingly. The characteristic horizontal line that appears on the neck often results from our posture - particularly from dropping our heads towards a computer or phone. Similarly, the position in which we sleep plays a significant part. High pillows, for example, can accentuate the aged appearance of the skin. Noticeable sagging could also be a symptom of insufficient hydration.

This part of the body frequently gets overlooked in daily skincare routines. Yet, much like the face, it should be properly hydrated daily. Remember, when applying cream to the neck, do so in an upward motion - this stimulates the lymphatic system and counters gravity's effects.

Chemicals deteriorate the skin of the hands

Hand skin is a telltale sign of age, often appearing older than we are. Hands exposed to chemicals daily quickly lose firmness, turn grey, become dried out and, after a while, even appear 'transparent'. Commonly used substances such as dishwashing liquid, cleaning agents, disinfectants, and even antibacterial hand soaps can accelerate the aging process. Additionally, lack of protection from UV light and radiation can also cause damage.

For these reasons, it's important to make friends with hand cream and protective gloves, consider them as essential as your phone or keys. Incorporate a hydrating cream into your evening routine after washing your hands, applying a thicker layer before bed. Investing in a special hand skin exfoliator and even masks applied twice a week can yield quickly apparent results.

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