Tips&TricksUnlock the secret to perfect white towels. You already have the best cleaners at home

Unlock the secret to perfect white towels. You already have the best cleaners at home

With one addition, the towels will be as white as new.
With one addition, the towels will be as white as new.
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2:27 PM EST, January 11, 2024

Currently, consumers are being inundated with an onslaught of ever-evolving and exponentially improved laundry products by manufacturers. These products promise softness, enduring freshness, and delightful fragrance to clothes. But just how effective are they for washing white towels? As we know, towels experience regular skin contact and moisture. Thus, they require frequent washing. Nevertheless, high temperatures in the washing machine can cause damage to the material and the overall appearance of towels.

Verified methods of washing towels

Regrettably, towels often become rigid and clumped after numerous washes. However, an effective prevention method exists. It's been discovered that adding a few household ingredients during the laundry process makes a significant difference. With these simple products, one can expect the towels to be soft and perfectly white after washing. Let's find out if you have these at home!

Use baking soda!

Even our grandmothers knew that to maintain the softness of towels post-laundry, it is crucial to add baking soda to the wash. This everyday staple is excellent at eliminating stains and restoring fabric to its original texture and softness. How much baking soda should be used, you may ask? It is recommended to mix five tablespoons of baking soda with a glass of lukewarm water. Ensure the mixture is well combined before adding it to the washing machine drum.

How to keep white towels from turning yellow?

If you want your towels to maintain their color and need something stronger than baking soda, lemon juice is the answer! Few people are aware of the potent bleaching properties of lemon juice. Ideally, soak the towels in water and lemon juice just before washing. This process creates a natural, homemade bleach. Additionally, if you use liquid detergent, adding a mixture of water and lemon juice is a great idea. After mixing, pour the prepared solution directly into the washing machine drum.

What do the experts suggest?

Intriguingly, experts recommend washing towels without adding fabric softener. The chemical composition of these softeners can further clump the fabric, causing the towels to lose their texture. It's critical to remember not to overfill the drum when washing. The washing machine should never be fully loaded.

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