Tips&TricksUnlock the secret: How to keep your white shoes sparkling

Unlock the secret: How to keep your white shoes sparkling

That's how I quickly whiten white soles.
That's how I quickly whiten white soles.
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7:03 PM EDT, April 17, 2024

White shoes are an indispensable classic in any wardrobe, effortlessly complementing any outfit with stylish flair. While many long for a pair of pristine white shoes, only a handful know the secret to keeping them immaculate. Wondering how to make white soles sparkle again? Three simple ingredients will do the trick!

For as many people as there are, there's an array of methods to clean white shoes, often with varying degrees of success. Despite the challenge of maintaining their brightness, giving up on these fashionable staples is certainly unnecessary. With the right approach, white soles can quickly recover their gleam, leaving onlookers envious of your radiant footwear!

How to whiten white soles?

Shopping for white shoes often leads us to expensive and ineffective products. Maintaining that fresh, white look doesn't have to break the bank. Instead of arduously scrubbing the soles, opt for a mix of water and gray soap, an incredibly effective yet humble solution. Similarly, the ubiquitous BHP paste, likely already in your home, effectively tackles yellow or black discolorations on white rubber.

Cleaning shoes at home, especially white ones, can seem daunting. Concerns about damaging the delicate material or sole structure are common, but it's essential to remember that household products are both safe and natural. Utilizing these methods preserves your white shoes and restores their brilliant shine. An ingenious method to remove both grime and minor scratches from white soles is using an eraser—a simple yet effective tool.

What to use for cleaning white shoes?

Returning your shoes to their original white using just three household ingredients may seem far-fetched, yet it's entirely possible. Baking soda has long been revered for its whitening properties, and its efficacy is greatly enhanced when combined with a couple of other ingredients. Creating a potent whitening mixture for your shoes involves just a bowl and three tablespoons of common products.

Start with 1 tablespoon of baking soda, renowned for its whitening and disinfecting capabilities, then add 1 tablespoon of toothpaste for its powerful lightening effects. Complete the mixture with 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid to ensure your soles become brilliantly white. After scrubbing the surface with a brush and waiting for 15 minutes, simply rinse off the mixture. You'll be astounded by the results.

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